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Characterization and design

Once you have a website it is only the beginning of the process of marketing your business on the internet. In order for your website to be an effective marketing tool and bring you the desired clients and business success it has to be constantly maintained.

Even the most impressively designed website will not bring surfers and potential clients your way if its content is not optimized for search engines. In order for your website to be as successful and affective for your business you need to have a good professional development company by your side.

Whether your website is big or small, commercial of informative – you need to get it ranked high on the search engines and especially in Google. In order for that to happen you need to have the right keywords incorporated in your website’s content and a good development service will also know how to integrate search engines optimization into your web site design.

At Drubit we put the client first and therefore every question you have will always be answered and you shall be an active partner in the process of your website design and development.

One of the most important tools of website development is the quality of your website’s content management system. When you have user friendly content system it means that your content is easily updated and your website is easily maintained. We choose Drupal as the content management system we incorporate in our website. Drupal is an award winning system which is extremely user friendly and world-wide known for its high quality.

In order for you to get the best quality product we run quality test for all our systems and a final quality test for the website before it is launched.

When choosing a development company you need to be sure it will be a company that you enjoy working with and is always there to give you the best service.

When you looking for quality – try Drubit.



Content is the most important part of your website.
Good optimized content will rank your website higher on Search Engines and will eventually attract more visitors and more potential customers to your website. Our goal is to create original, well written and coherent content that will convey your message across to your potential clients.

We believe that content is the heart and soul of your website and as such it needs to be creative and communicative.
No matter if you have a business or a non-profit organization - in both cases you have a message to convey and we shall do it in the most professional way, using the right keywords and phrases that will catch the attention of both search engines and people.

We can assist you in communicating your ideas and messages across in the most effective manner and as a result increase the traffic to your website and your sales.
When your prospective client cannot see you, your content will make the sale for you. Well written content is the essence of every website and our optimized content can certainly upgrade your website.
Our content services are tailored to our clients’ needs and based on their target audience. 

Well written web copy can:

1. Enhance traffic to your website the site with clever integration of key words

2. Increase the time a visitor spends in your website
3. Motivate action

Characterization and design

Characterization and design

"Designing doesn't only mean how something looks like. Designing also means how the thing works", said a man called Steve Jobs.

Successful projects will always start with a thorough research that will help us understand your business and your business’ goals as well as the market conditions in which you operate.

Our main goal and top priority is to make your business shine and stand out from an immense variety of websites and in order for that to happen we strive to give your website the advantage of highly creative and effective design.

In order to be able to characterize and market your website properly we need to study your business inside out. We start with your staff and learn about your potential clients and your company’s vision and targets. When we know your needs we can provide you with the best product that will answer all your requirements.

Professionally designed and promoted website will be capture the attention of viewers and lure them to visit your website, learn about your products or services and eventually make the final step of making a purchase or querying about your services. In order to do that we will investigate your potential clients behavior and learn about their expectations and habits on the web.

Your website is actually the face of your business on the internet and therefore its design should reflect the nature and the goals of your company. In order to give your business a competitive edge you need to use clever design that will attract the right target audience to your website and ake your presence on the internet effective.

In order for your business to properly promoted on the web it needs not only innovative design but also easy navigation experience and of course quality content that will make the visitor remain longer in your website. Our design will bring your ideas dreams and vision alive with the right images, fonts and colors that suits your taste and branding.

Hosting & Maintenace

Hosting & Maintenace

In order for your website to be an effective business tool it has to remain constantly updated with fresh content. Otherwise visitors might think it is abandoned and will leave it and you certainly don’t want that to happen. As a full service company Drubit can offer you hosting and maintenance services and keep your website updated and always available.

Choosing a good web host is extremely important for your website since it is crucial your website is hosted on strong, reliable servers so your website is always available, fast to come up and secured. Reliability is the most important factor when you choose webhosting services since if your website is your business you need to be sure it will always come up and be available for your potential customers.

Reliability is also important when it comes to SEO – if your website is slow to come up and suffer from technical problems this will affect its ranking with Google.

Your website is safely hosted by stable and secured servers. We use the excellent and award winning Drupal content management system into our websites and our staff is highly experienced with Drupal open source software. Drupal open source content management system is renowned for being easy to handle, friendly user and most importantly – time saver. And we all know that in business – time IS money.

We carefully adapt our clients with the right package that suits their website’s needs after we thoroughly review them. With our Drupal servers system and content management your website shall be secured, well maintained and the traffic to your website will be increased, which will automatically increase your business success.

Would you trust your website with a cheap but unreliable webhost?

With webhosting you shouldn’t go for the lowest offer but check the reliability of the webhosting company and the strength of its servers. Our Drupal based hosting solutions are reliable, fast and functional. We are always careful and back up our servers on a regular basis in order to assure your website is always secured and working.

We offer our clients a variety of hosting and storage packages to suit their website’s needs:

  • Shared hosting plan on Lighttpd server with high performances
  • Virtual server with integrated management system based on Drupal software
  • Dedicated hosting plan with server management system based on Drupal software
  • Multiple servers hosting plan for web sites with large traffic/surfers volume

In addition to hosting services we offer professional counseling and website maintenance services.

For more details and information please contact us via the contact page.

We offer one stop solutions that cover all your internet needs in order to give you the best customer service experience. At Drubit we answer all your needs using state of the art technology and innovative design. When all your needs - from design through development maintenance and even hosting - are being answered under one roof it saves you both money and time.

We increase your brand awareness and your business success by simplifying processes on your website and improving your products.